W900 Aerocab Sleeper Skirts With Extender 1
Part #: MD4238

W900 Aerocab Sleeper Skirts With Extender

For 62″ sleepers, 2005 to pre-EPA 2007. Plain (no lights).

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Product Description

W900 Aerocab sleeper skirts with extender designed for Kenworth models 2005 to pre-EPA 2007.  The W900 Aerocab sleeper skirts are to be used with an extender and will fit 62″ sleepers.  Aerocab sleeper skirts are a one-piece formed panel, which runs from the end of the cab skirt to the end of the sleeper and/or extender (rounds back bunk by 8″ or continues to the end of the extender.) Sold in pairs, each of the sleeper skirts measures 3.5″ wide. Each skirt is plain (no lights).  Cab skirts must be purchased as a continuation of the sleeper skirt (see cab skirt section). Hardware included.

For ordering information, please visit your local Kenworth dealership.


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