Dieter’s Purchases Panelite’s Stainless Steel Division

Optronics Sells Panelite Truck Accessories Brand to Dieter’s

Optronics International has sold the Panelite custom stainless steel truck accessory brand and intellectual property to Dieter’s Accessories of Waterloo, Ont., Canada, but will retain the Millennium Series lighting portion of the well known brand.

“Our core competency at Optronics is lighting, not truck accessories,” said Brett Johnson, president/CEO of Optronics International. “We are confident in our decision to turn that side of the business over to a qualified manufacturer with the expertise to strengthen and grow the brand and product line.”

Optronics, of East Muskogee, Okla., acquired the rights to the Panelite accessories and Millennium Series lighting brand, patents and tooling earlier this year. Dieter’s has been in business for 34 years and will take over the manufacturing, sale and distribution of the Panelite truck accessories. The company has an extensive distribution network, making its product line available through all major truck OEM dealer networks.

“This will answer the questions we have been fielding about the future of the Panelite custom truck accessories,” said Randy Varner, Optronics’ national sales manager, heavy duty. “Like Optronics, Dieter’s supports its customers and products with outstanding customer service, so we’re leaving those customers in good hands.”

“Customers will also be pleased to know that Panelite custom truck accessories will continue to incorporate Millennium Series lighting, which has been the case for many years,” he said. “We look forward to continuing the longtime partnership that has been established between the two brands.”

“Panelite was well known for their top quality product, which we don’t intend to change,” comments Dieter Hohendorn, president and owner of Dieter’s. “Customers will not see any difference in the product quality going forward, as we have the ability and resources to manufacture to the same standard as they are accustomed to.