Cab Skirts

Cab Skirts

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  • DVO-248

    Part #: DVO-248

    Cab Skirts With Extenders

    For 2015+ Volvo VN models without fairings. No fuel filler cutout. Plain (no lights). With extenders.

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  • DVO-135LPLED

    Part #: 85104895 (DVO 135 LPLED CDN)

    Cab Skirts With Low Profile LED Lights

    For 2003+ VN models. With low profile amber LED lights.

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  • DVO-135-15LED

    Part #: 85104894 (DVO 135 15LED CDN)

    Cab Skirts With Model 15 LED Lights

    For 2003+ VN models. With amber Model 15 LED lights.

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  • Cab Skirts

    Part #: 85104890 (DVO 135 CDN)

    Cab Skirts Without Lights

    For 2003+ VN models. Blank (no lights).

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